Disinfection in gyms
Disinfection in gyms

Disinfection in gyms

Sanitizing with ozone, wellness and total safety!

Do you want to receive your customers in a room with fresh, clean and sanitized air? Do you want to remove bacteria and viruses from your sports center? Refresh the living room air and eliminate pathogens that are the source of infections and diseases.


  • It removes bacteria, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts and pollens. It inactivates viruses.
  • It removes bad smells of molds, smoking, animals and perspiration.
  • It destroys the volatile residue of the chemical detergents.
  • It repels little rodents and infesting insects, such as ants, cockroaches and bedbugs.


Ozone purification is recommended for all sports and wellness centers as well as for nail reconstruction, manicure and pedicure salons. It is recommended to use ozone to sanitize rooms, surfaces, walls, furniture, objects and fabrics: carpets, curtains, sofas, mattresses, armchairs and tables. Ozonation of the air from: gyms, halls, waiting rooms, color and toilets. Ozonized water is recommended for cleaning more delicate or non-sterilizable surfaces and objects. Ozonized water is also used to clean equipment as well as sports equipment.


Sports centers are places with a high risk of skin infections and an ideal habitat for the proliferation and transmission of fungi and pathogens.The specific activities of sports centers, such as common equipment, common room, group and personal training, involve direct contact with staff and, in some cases, small scratches and injuries can occur, which increase the likelihood of contracting infections, which poses a risk to both customers and staff. Ozone purification of your sports center is a form of respect for customers and employees, whose health you protect. Also, ozonation protects the reputation of the room and saves you from various inconveniences.

  • It increases the comfort in the salon
  • It improves the quality of air
  • It reduces the risk of infections
  • It contributes to the observance of the rules about health protection and safety in the working places
  • It contributes to the observance of the rules about food products hygiene and safety HACCP L. 155/2007
  • It improves the efficiency of your treatments
  • It increases the microbiological safety
  • It facilitates a positive image feedback

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