Housing Disinfection

Housing Disinfection

Ozone purification - for fresh air!

Do you want to remove the unpleasant odor from the room? Do you have children and want to protect them against bacteria and viruses? Ozone removes unpleasant odors and microorganisms, entering the most inaccessible places and the air conditioning system of the room. Try ozone hygiene and you will feel the pleasure of being in a new room.

Why clean your office?

Ozone eliminates bacteria, mites, molds, fungi, spores, pollen and neutralizes viruses.
Removes odors of smoke, animal hair, cooked food, mold and perspiration.
Destroys volatile residues produced by chemical detergents.
Eliminate unwanted insects such as flies, mosquitoes, beetles, ants and bedbugs.


Ozone purification is recommended for all types of rooms: earthen houses, apartments, penthouses, basements, garages.

Purification of the home

Ozone is recommended for sanitizing surfaces, objects and furniture inside the home.
Purification of the air in the house and odorization of fabrics: floor mats, chairs, tables and equipment.

Purification of the air conditioning system

Ozone is ideal for removing unpleasant odors and for eliminating bacteria, mold, pollen and fungi.

Purification and deodorization of the office interior and air conditioning system.


The interior of the rooms contains millions of particles and pathogens carried by air, humans and animals. Furniture and chairs absorb unpleasant odors, while office supplies and keyboard computers attract bacteria and allergens.

Ozone purification allows for a deeper sanitization than would have been possible, as it kills more than 99.97% of the germs and bacteria present inside the office and in the air conditioning system.

Improves air quality ex officio
Increases comfort
Helps maintain air conditioning
Reduces the risk of allergies
Protects the health of employees.

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