UV Bactericidal lamp on stand, 2 * 30W

UV Bactericidal lamp on stand, 2 * 30W

2,160.00 MDL

UVC bactericidal lamp, power 2 * 30W, for sterilization, on portable support.

Wall-mounted UVC lamp is recommended for enclosures and small spaces (microbiology, instrument tables, hotel, hospitals, clinics, etc.) with a sterilization surface of up to 60sqm.

- Equipped with 2 UV-C radiation generator tubes (wavelength 253.7nm);

- Life of UV tubes up to 15% reduction in UV radiation: minimum 8000 hours;

- Mounting type: portable support;

- Power supply: 220V / 50Hz, power cable with on / off switch;

- Warranty period 12 months.

STERILIZATION TIME: place the lamp in the center of the chamber and follow the instructions:

Surface Sterilization time

- 0-30 mp 10 min

- 30-60 mp 15 min

- 60-80 mp 20 min

- 80 - 100 mp 30 min

- 100-120 mp 90 min


Disinfection of air and surfaces in rooms with a high microbial load by means of UV radiation (hospitals, analysis laboratories medical, microbiology laboratories, operating rooms, individual medical offices CMI, dental offices, waiting rooms, production of medicines, natural products, etc.). DESTROYED MICROORGANISMS: bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yeasts, algae, protozoa, etc. INSTALLATION METHOD: 1. Remove the protective body and the bactericidal tube. 2. Connect the electrical cables to the terminal block for connections. 3. Inside the box you will find the corresponding screws with which it is fixed to the wall. 4. After installation, you can switch on the supply voltage of the electrical installation.


1. Before turning on the lamp, make sure that there are no people, animals or plants left in the room.

2. Ultraviolet light reflected from a mirror for example can be just as harmful to the skin and eyes.

3. Do not leave the appliance unattended, out of the reach of children or indiscriminate persons (it is best to lock the camera inwhich it works).

4. Direct UV-C ultraviolet light is harmful to the skin and especially to the eyes, it can cause severe burns.

5. Do not disinfect your hands with this lamp, use UV-C ultraviolet light only to disinfect objects. Use soap for your handsor other recommended products.

6. Do not look directly at the lamp during use.

7. Things such as paintings, canvases, photographs and generally objects that can be damaged by sunlight are also not recommended.be exposed to direct light from the UV-C lamp.

8. Turn off the lamp when you want to clean it.

9. If the room temperature is less than 20 degrees Celsius or more than 40 degrees Celsius, the sterilization time should be extended.

10. After the sterilization cycle of the room has ended, do not enter immediately, the enclosure must be ventilated for at least 15-30 minutes.

11. Do not leave children near the device.This symbol indicates that this product is being collected separately.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment must becollected separately and not be disposed of with household waste. Waste electrical and electronic equipment must be handed overa collection system in accordance with Directive 2012/19 / EU. Electrical and electronic equipment is dangerous for the environmentenvironment and for human health, due to the presence in their composition of dangerous substances. For additional informationon the delivery and collection of used electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your local and central collection authoritiesauthorized for this purpose.