Ozone is notable for its ability to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses. Due to its oxidative power, ozone is the most effective disinfectant (second after fluorine, which is toxic), being stronger than traditional chemical cleaners.
Disinfects 100% without the need for chemical additives or detergents, using only its natural oxidative force. After treatment, our devices convert ozone back into oxygen without releasing toxic or chemical residues.
Due to its properties, ozone sanitizes, oxygenates and regenerates the air we breathe, and disinfects the water we use. Eliminates more than 99.97% of bacteria, molds, fungi, yeasts, pollens and mites and destroys viruses. It is a strong ally in the fight against allergies, asthma and infections, as it destroys microbes in the air and on surfaces.
It purifies the air, removing unpleasant odors of smoke, cooked food, perspiration, mold, decomposed matter, urine and animal hair. Ozone molecules not only cover odors, but completely attack and neutralize the particles that generate unpleasant odors, leaving in their place a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and a purified and deodorized environment.
Ozone is an excellent natural remedy for flies, mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, beetles, ants, molds and small rodents. These unwanted "guests", in addition to being annoying and unpleasant, are a means of transmitting diseases to both humans and animals. Unlike traditional chemical remedies, ozone works without health risks. Moreover, ozone prevents the proliferation of pests, eliminating bacteria.
It perfectly disinfects without necessity of additives or chemical detergents, exclusively using its natural oxidative force. After finishing the treatment, our machines convert it back again into oxygen without releasing toxic or chemical residuals.
It’s famous to be the most effective disinfectant agent against allergen and pathogen agents present in the air and water, also comparing it to the traditional chemical agents. As a gas heavier than air. It spreads out in the environments, it penetrates in the tissues in depth and reaches even the most hidden points where bacteria and allergens settle.
Ozone is widely recognized as a disinfecting agent of air and water.
Food and Drug Administration defined it as “safe agent” (GAS)”. In Italy, it has been recognized as “natural defense for the sterilization of environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc..” by the Ministry of Health with prot. n. 24482 of 31st july 1996 and “disinfectant and fumigate agent in the treatment of air and water” with CNSA of 27th october 2010.