Our work schedule is flexible and adapted to the clients' needs. We perform NON-STOP interventions, under the careful supervision of a veterinarian, and the evaluation and inspection are free of charge.

Moreover, in order not to disturb the activity in relation to the DSP, DSV or other competent bodies, each work of Pest Control, Disinfection and Disinfection is accompanied by a report, in which all the characteristics of the intervention are noted: date of performance works, quantity and name of substances used, methods used, etc. This report will support the activity in case the competent bodies carry out inspections. Basically, the report proves the executed works. Throughout the contractual period we offer you a guarantee, and our team is regularly informed and trained about the new methods and norms for pest control and prevention, about the substances and implicitly the equipment used for the entire Pest Control, Disinfection and Disinfection process.

In the situation where it is necessary to return between interventions, we will do it for FREE until the extermination of all vectors, regardless of whether they are beetles, mice, rats or other insects.

The works are executed by a team qualified in the field of DDD (authorized by the Public Health Directorate). At the same time, our Pest Control, Disinfection and Disinfection services are addressed to all categories of clients.

The action plan against COVID-19 includes several actions:

-Daily monitoring of the temperature of the operative personnel of the factories, logistic warehouses, access points;

-Assembly of dispensers with alcohol-based disinfectants (min. 60%) in all areas of all locations (production spaces, logistics warehouses, administrative spaces);

-Introduction of additional disinfection and control filters at the access inside the unit as follows:

hand disinfection with alcohol-based disinfectant solution min 60%,
body temperature measurement with 830 T1 infrared thermometers, the value of the temperature as a control limit being a maximum of 37.5 ͦC.
-Introduction of the working modalities regarding the washing and disinfection operations in accordance with the requirements issued by the Ministry of Health and their display in all common spaces;

-Reorganization of the employees' work schedule, so that the presence at the company's headquarters is reduced to a minimum. For employees whose presence at the group's premises is indispensable, means of transport have been made available to avoid traveling by public transport;

-All employees of the company are trained and verified to comply with and promote timely prevention measures, starting with the hygienic-sanitary ones included in the specific work procedures and instructions;

-Employees have signed the declarations on their own responsibility regarding the movement in the last 14 days in areas where there were people infected with COVID - 19 virus (coronavirus), coming into direct contact with suspected or infected people or people who are suspected of acute respiratory infections at work, in the vicinity of the home or visiting medical units in the last 14 days;

-In the production, storage and administrative spaces, a distance between persons of at least one meter is maintained by the appropriate distance of the workplaces;

-Operational-productive personnel are equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment (work equipment, disposable aprons, protective footwear, gloves, masks);

- Close interpersonal contacts are avoided, including in the locker rooms or in the dining areas - It was ordered to carry out access shifts in the work spaces, as well as in the common dining spaces for the teams of employees of the different departments;

-Measures to prevent and control contamination of spaces, surfaces, equipment aim at:

ozonation of all workspaces, annexes, locker rooms, toilets, canteen
increasing the frequency of postoperative disinfection operations with disinfectant with strong virulicidal and antibacterial action and broad spectrum of action,
carrying out additional disinfection operations, carried out with fog guns, by specialized companies,
disinfection of all railings, handles with disinfectant solution every 3 hours,
disinfection of means of transport after each transport of personnel to the factory
-The access to the unit of some foreign persons was limited;

-Prevention and protection measures have been imposed on carriers of suppliers of raw materials, ingredients and carriers to customers:

Prohibiting the access of drivers and suppliers' representatives inside the storage / loading platform / and limiting their access to administrative spaces.
Drivers or representatives of suppliers will be subject to control by representatives
-Supplement disinfection

country of the means of transport in which the products are to be transported in order to ensure the continuity of the distribution chain;

-Delivering drivers, before leaving the race are equipped with protective gloves and protective masks - all products / caps / boxes are handled with protective gloves during distribution;

-Delivering drivers will limit to a minimum the number of people they have contact with during the distribution of products and will wear protective masks for the protection of themselves and their customers.

High Pressure Technology (HPP) a physical preservation process by which a pressure value of 6,000 bar is instantly and uniformly transmitted throughout the product, which, maintained for 180 seconds, breaks the cell membrane of pathogenic microorganisms that can cause toxiinfections. power supply, they are thus inactivated. HPP is the ultimate key to ensuring the food safety and security of our products, which simultaneously treats both the product and the packaging and thus the product remains a “secure unit” until it is opened by the consumer.

The working environment is also enriched with ozone stations, a substance that guarantees the preparation of products in fresh air, as in the mountains, destroying microbes and viruses in the air.

At the end of the technological flow, an additional level of safety is ensured by a modern sanitation system that uses ultraviolet lamp technology, applied on the packaging line. The use of ozonation and ultraviolet in the meat processing industry has the advantage of inactivating pathogenic microorganisms, successfully replacing the use of chemicals for the disinfection stage and eliminating the risk of chemical residues from disinfectants in the working environment.