CORONAVIRUS. Special measures in gas stations for the protection of customers and employees.`

CORONAVIRUS. Special measures in gas stations for the protection of customers and employees.`

The whole world is affected by the new global coronavirus pandemic. The easiest way to stay safe is to stay home. But what if I have to drive somewhere? Follow these simple but useful tips:

If you have to go somewhere, go alone.

If you are still walking with someone, use the minimum protective measures such as: mask, gloves and disinfectant.

Make a total disinfection of the car. Don't forget the most used places in the car. Finally, wash your hands.

Use protective equipment: masks / respirators and gloves.

Fuel safely. Use their payment with the card.

Limiting contact with humans is the basic idea for good protection. "Ideally, stay home. If you have to go somewhere, go alone - don't share the car with anyone. If you have to go with someone, make sure that the person has no symptoms of respiratory illness. Use a respirator or at least a medical mask. Make sure you have the contact details of all the other passengers so that you can let them know if you find out that you are infected, ”said Jana Parmová, SKODA's Chief Physician.


What should you use to disinfect your car? For example, the Consumer Reports Organization recommends the use of cleaning products that you have at home. At least 70% alcohol solution is effective against coronavirus, and isopropyl alcohol will not cause damage or damage to the main surfaces of the car. In fact, it is what car manufacturers and their subcontractors use to disinfect parts. It is also valid for the interior upholstery, just be careful not to soften it too much.

Never use hydrogen peroxide, for example, which can most likely damage parts of the car. Do not use ammonia-containing cleaning products on the car's touch screens. Micro-fiber cloths are ideal for cleaning all surfaces and for all cleaning methods.

A very effective method is disinfection with Ozone O3 in cars and PECO filling stations, the benefits of which are the effective penetration everywhere due to its gas capacities.

Dr. Parmová also advises that you always ventilate the car well after cleaning it. And a second tip is: clean the air conditioning unit. That doesn't mean you have to drive to a service center right away - this is not a good time for that. But you can order (online or by phone) ozone disinfection with O3 in cars and PECO filling stations, to clean the air conditioning system and the car's vents. The fact that you have a cleaner heating and air conditioning system means a lower risk of COVID-19 or other viruses.